Historic Kingman Treasures

The Historic Kingman Treasures walking tour is a self-guided tour that takes you through the heart of downtown Kingman, Arizona. The tour begins at the life-sized bronze sculpture of Jim Hinckley, a local historian and author. From there, you’ll walk past a variety of historic buildings and landmarks, including the Art Hub, the Historic Fire Station, and the Bonnelli House.

1) Train Depot

402 E. Andy Devine Ave (Rt. 66)

2) Statue of Jim Hinckley (Depot Plaza)

402 E. Andy Devine Ave (Rt. 66)

3) El Palacio

401 E. Andy Devine Ave (Rt. 66)

4) Central Commercial

112 N 4th Street

5) Art Hub

402 E. Beale Street

6) Government Seal Murals

424 E. Beale Street

7) Fire Station

210 N 4th Street

8) St. Johns Methodist Church

North 5th Street & East Spring Street

9) Palo Christi Grammar School

500 Maple Street

10) Bonnelli House

430 E. Spring Street